Extended - A Firefox extension for the extension manager

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Current Version - 2.8.1: Saturday, May 29th, 2010

Created by Paul Spangler

Downloads since March 11, 2006 (including from addons.mozilla.org): 204,066

What is it?

The Extension Manager - Extended. Perfect for extension developers who want to see another extension works. Instead of looking up the id of the extension and then navigating all the way to the folder, just open the extension manager. Next to all of the version numbers, the id is listed. Right click the extension, and you can even open the extension's folder right from Firefox.

How do I use it?

Extended is very simple to use. After installing, just open the extension manager by going to Tools and the clicking Extensions. You will now see next to each extension the id of that extension.

When you right-click an extensions, there will be a Open Extension Folder option. When you click it, a window will open with the Extenion's folder.

In the Works

If anyone has a request, just email me at firefox (aT) spanglerco (dOt) com.

Change Log and Known Bugs